Terms and Conditions

The Charlie Ward Show Charity Golf Event, Spain 2024

Making  booking
Bookings can be made either via the website wwwcharliewardgolf.com or by emailing stuart.leary@charliewardgolf.com

Amending or cancelling a reservation

More than 13 weeks (91 days) from the date of first reservation.
Amending a booking will incur no administration or processing fee. If the amended booking is of a lower total value than the original booking you will be refunded the difference, conversely if the amended booking is of a higher value than the original booking you will be required to pay the difference.

If you cancel your reservation with a minimum of 13 weeks (91 days) notice you will receive 50% refund.

Less than 13 weeks (91 days) from the date of first reservationUp to 6 weeks (41 days) from the date of the first reservation

Amendments can still be requested at this very late stage. Subject to seasonality it may prove difficult to facilitate these amendments. In the case that amendments are made, subject to availability,  an administration fee of 25 euros will be charged.

If you cancel your reservations within 13 weeks (91 days) or less from your first reservation no refunds will be made.

Confirmation, and check in

Confirmations of bookings will be sent by email from stuart.leary@charliewardgolf.com, confirmations will be accompanied by a booking reference number and will come with instructions on how to complete payment (if not already done). Once full payment is made your e-vouchers will be sent to you. These vouchers must be presented to the hotel reception upon check-in. The hotel will lodge a 100 Euros security deposit on your credit card upon check-in. Chek in is available from Midday.

Changes to IVA.

Once confirmations have been sent the price of the holiday package will not be altered. However if the Spanish Government makes changes to the rate of IVA (VAT) these changes will be reflected in the prices should the new rates of IVA come into effect between the date of confirmation and the date of reservation. If the price altered by IVA change is lower than confirmed a refund will be issued to you. If the price altered by IVA change is higher then you will be required to pay the difference.

Making payment

Payment can be made online using Debit card or  credit card. Payment in full must be made within 7 days of receiving confirmation of the reservations.

Travel and Health Insurance

It is strongly recommended that you make sure that you have appropriate insurance to cover your health, injury caused to others, repatriation, damage or loss of valuables or equipment. The Charlie Ward Show (The Charlie Ward Show FZCO) accepts no liability for any form of loss or injury.

Refunds , bad weather, course maintenance

The Costa del Sol enjoys an average of 320 days per year of good weather. Inevitably bad weather will occur. In the event of rain or other foul weather conditions each golf course will make a decision on whether the course is playable and open for play. If the course is open for play no refunds are given if you elect not to play

From time to time golf courses undertake maintenance  such as tining the greens. This maintenance work can for a few days affect the appearance and the playing experience of the golf course. If the golf course deems that the course is playable and open for play then no refunds will be made.

Force Majeure

The Charlie Ward Show (The Charlie Ward Show FZCO) accepts no liability as a result of travel delay, force majeure, Acts of God, civil unrest, war, adverse weather conditions or any other unusual or unforeseeable events beyond our control.

Standard of play, behaviour and etiquette

All of the golf courses on the Costa del Sol may ask you for a handicap certificate. They will also insist that you adhere to the norms of etiquette and dress code. If you elect to disregard the dress code or the accepted etiquette the golf course may ask you to leave the golf course. The Charlie Ward Show   accepts no liability and no refunds will be issued in this case.


Descriptions of the golf courses given in articles published on the The Charlie Ward Show  site are based upon the conditions we encountered on the day of our visit. The condition of golf courses varies throughout the season according to weather, humidity and temperature. The conditions you encounter may be different to those that we experienced.


The Charlie Ward Show (The Charlie Ward Show FZCO) reserves the right to make changes and correct errors on thei-r website at any time.

The golf courses reserve the right to modify confirmed tee time. Some courses will charge you 3 euros daily fee for Spanish Golf Federation insurance. If you are able to show them that you have insurance cover they may waive the fee. The Charlie Ward Show (The Charlie Ward Show) are not liable for this fee.

Any other expenses you incur at any golf courses such as food,beverage, trolley or buggy hire (when not included in the green fee) are your responsibility.


Any complaints that you may have regarding the provision of service at any golf course or other service provider must be registered with that service provider on the day of your reservation. If you would like to register a complaint with us then you can do so using libby@char;ieward.com on the same day that issue manifested itself.

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